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Geof Bowie | 206-202-2434 | Seattle, WA

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Welcome. This is a good place to start.

About Sandler and Seattle Sales Consultants.

So I put together these resources to give you a general idea.

Because people work with people they trust.  This is true for your business and it is true for mine.  Maybe you need a trainer or system or coach or something to help your business.  If so you should work with someone who has the best chance of making an impact for you.  I hope this page helps get you closer to success.

A little animation to begin.

This video gives an overview of one of the most effective approaches to Sandler and why.  

Some of these issues you might be dealing with.

Enterprise selling is unique and we dig into specialized training to overcome the challenges you'll face out there.

When someone else describes it...

Companies like yours are out there and looking for ways to overcome problems or achieve dreams.  There are tons of these.

Meet Geof.

"There's no such thing as an overachiever."  I believe that we all can go faster and farther than we think possible.  The good news is there are ways to get there that aren't painful or hard.  Travel down a path is often successful when guided by those who have been there before.
After 8 years of training in Sandler, I decided to help people just like you improve their selves, businesses, and roles as sales people.  Leveraging my past experience in Sandler, Education, Sales and Entrepreneurship, I work with business owners, executives, and sales managers to help them improve prospecting, sales skills, and close rates.  The non-traditional approach has always appealed to me and through Sandler we can all reach our goals by constantly improving.

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