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Geof Bowie | 206-202-2434 | Seattle, WA

Geof Bowie

What we say in sales meetings is critical and demonstrating authenticity is key.  Here is how you can improve by showing rather than telling.

Owners, Leaders and Managers know company culture is critical.  Many aren't sure how to quantify it though.

You might think flow is only for athletes.  But it's amazing and easy to get into it in a sales conversation!

I was searching for ways to succeed faster and left behind some core beliefs.

Pain: How to find it, why it's important and where to go with it for improved sales and customer satisfaction.


There's a lot of info out there that can make it seem people are working harder, smarter and more than you to greater success.  Relax, often doing you is what works best.

Let's figure out what's holding you back from solving your biggest problems OR realizing your greatest dreams.  There's a simple way to get you there.

Are you selling on features and benefits only?  Do you know what that is doing to your bottom line?  Let's talk about our belief in true communication and how to approach conversations.

Feeling like you don't belong? Don't worry, you're not alone.  

In the 21st century we should not ignore all avenues to cultivating prospects and generating conversations.  Cold email falls into an interesting category and has possible benefits for the right sales approach.